Weiss Bracelet and Earring Set. Circa early 1950s

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PB - 519 - 028

Weiss is widely sought out by serious vintage jewelry collectors. This bracelet and earring set (circa early 1950s) is simply wonderful and in just-out-of-the-box condition. (Sorry we don't have the box it came in.)

Albert Weiss was the originator of the company. He gained much experience working as an apprentice for the Corocraft Company during the 1930s. He honed his skills there and had a very fine eye for detail. In 1942, he opened his own jewelry business, and also his factory which was dedicated to the manufacture of hand set pieces only.

Weiss jewelry is noted for its use of quality stones. Many of these came from Austria and their higher lead content give these pieces a particularly dazzling appeal.